Professur für Architekturgeschichte

In contrast to the dissociating tendencies of recent years, the professorship does not regard theoretical reflection and historical analysis as separate fields, but rather as dialectically related aspects of a scientific examination of architecture. This is based on the insight that access to certain historical themes can always be explained by a specific interest in the present, while substantial figures of thought in architectural theory can hardly be formulated without sound knowledge of the history of ideas and the history of the humanities. Architectural history and architectural theory are therefore to be regarded as inseparably connected fields, which only in interaction allow a complex, conceptually precise and methodically stringent examination of the object. Based on this fundamental consideration, the professorship deals with the historical genesis of architecture and architectural theory as well as with contemporary discourses and newer methodological approaches. This includes the consideration of media theoretical, philosophical and general art historical questions.

New Project:

Architectures of Order
Practices and Discourses between Design and Knowledge

"Architectures of Order" refers to the importance of order techniques in architectural practices and focuses on the relevance of architectural thought in social discourses. The project takes this context into account by understanding architecture as a cultural ordering practice that operates at the interfaces of control, knowledge, design and subjectivation. It asks, first, about the creation of order through architecture, second, about the significance of architecture for nonarchitectural order narratives, and third, about the interaction of both spheres. The project bundles competences in architectural history, history, cultural and media studies, sociology and design theory and integrates architectural design and media practice. 

In the long term, LOEWE funding is intended to be the starting point for an internationally visible architectural profile in the Rhine-Main region. In addition to the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, the Technical University Darmstadt and the Max-Planck-Institute for European Legal History, the German Museum of Architecture (DAM) and the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture (CCSA) are involved in this focus.

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Prof. Dr. Carsten Ruhl
Dr. Daniela Ortiz dos Santos

Lena Holbein M.A.  (Koordinatorin LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)
Dr. Sarah Borree (Postdoc LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)
Dr. Chris Dähne (Postdoc LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)
Alexander Brockhoff (Doktorand)
Pietro Cesari (Doktorand im LOEWE-Schwerpunkt, MPI Europäische Rechtsgeschichte)
Stella Coersmeier (Doktorandin, Gerda-Henkel Stipendiatin)
Sara Hillnhütter (Doktorandin im LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)
Moritz Röger (Doktorand im LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)
Amal Salih (Doktorand)
Jennifer Dyck (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft im LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)

Studentische Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
Lisa Chalco Bock

Martina Wollweber 
Peggy Feige (Sekretatiat LOEWE-Schwerpunkt)