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Daniela Ortiz dos Santos is an architect and architectural historian whose work is at the crossroads of the cultural studies of art, literature, architecture and the city and the history of the transatlantic world. She studied Architecture and Urbanism in Buenos Aires (UBA) and Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and received her PhD in History and Theory of Architecture from the ETH Zurich. Her dissertation, "Routes of Modernity or The Americas of Le Corbusier: Voyages, Affinities and Anthropophagy", considers Le Corbusier's trip to South America in 1929, and places him in a wider web of circulation of ideas in the artistic, literary and architectural debates of the late twenties.

She was a PhD Fellow at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal (2012), a Fellow at the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris (2005-2006) and co-curated the exhibitions “Moving Constructions” at Garagem Sul in Centro Cultural de Belémin Lisbon (2019) and “gta Films” at the gta Exhibitions of the ETH Zurich (2017).

Daniela Ortiz has taught in Architectural Schools in Rio de Janeiro and Zurich and is currently organizing seminars on twentieth-century architectural history and the question of displacement at the Art History Institute of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main (GU). Since April 2018, she has served as coordinator of the Centre for Critical Studies in Architecture, a research cluster of the GU, the TU Darmstadt and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM).

Daniela has been active member of the non-profit organization devoted to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement (DOCOMOMO); the Brazilian Associationfor Researchand Graduate Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (ANPARQ); the European Architectural History Network (EAHN), the Latin American Studies Association (LASA); the Gender Parity Group of the D-ARCH/ETH; and the Centre d’études Blaise Cendrars in Bern (CeBC). 

Since November 2018 the CCSA has organized the lecture series "Bauhaus/Architecture: Reception, Migration, Critique".




Her recent publications include:  "Blaise Cendrars et Le Corbusier: villes et voyages utiles" (2018), in Komodo21BlaiseCendrars en Correspondance, n.9 available online at <http://komodo21.fr/blaise-cendrars-corbusier-villes-voyages-utiles/>

Her forthcoming publications include: "Practices of Traveling Between Architecture and Literature. American Encounters, New World Writing and the Modern Movement" (2019), accepted paper to be published in the proceedings of the SymposiumTraveling, Narrating, Comparing. Travel Narratives of the Americas from the 18th to the 20th Century; "Displacement and the Making of Latin American Architectural History" (2019), accepted paper to be presented in the EAHN conference Displacement & Domesticity Since 1945in Brussels; "Displacement and the Making of Modern Architecture: A South-South Perspective" (2019), accepted paper to be published in the proceedings of the International Conference Revisiting the Post-CIAM Generation: debates, proposals and intellectual framework; and "Bauhaus Architecture: Reception, Migration and Critique" (2019), proceedings of the CCSA Bauhaus Lecture Series, co-edited with Carsten Ruhl and Oliver Elser.

Research Interests

Her teaching and research projects have focused yet non-limited to understanding and questioning twentieth-century architecture, the multifaceted narratives in which modern architects and architectural historians interpreted the past and their present times. Daniela Ortiz dos Santos has been also interested in examining how ideas and people that have shaped the domain of architecture circulated within and between the Americas and Europe. 


  • 2012/15: SNF Research Scholarship, Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland.
  • 2012: CNPq Scholarship Program for Full Doctoral Studies Abroad, National Council for Scientific and Technological Development CNPq, Brazil.
  • 2012: CCA Collection Research Grant, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Canada.
  • 2011: PhD Scholarship, Department of Architecture, ETH Zürich.
  • 2008/09: CAPES Scholarship for Master Students, Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education, Brazil.
  • 2007: FAPERJ Research Scholarship, Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Research Support in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Research Project ‘Centralidade Urbana do Rio de Janeiro: Iconicidade, poiesis e sociabilidade nos espaços públicos’, headed by Prof. Dr. R. Segre, UFRJ, Brazil.
  • 2005/06: Programme Bourses Jeunes Chercheurs, Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris, for the Research Project ‘Le Corbusier et le Brésil: les corps à réaction poétique’.
  • 2005/06: Resident at the Maison du Brésil, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, France.
  • 2001/04: Scientific Initiation Scholarship, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Rio de Janeiro, for the Research ‘Brazilian Residences of the 20th Century’, headed by Prof. Dr. B. Oliveira, UFRJ, Brazil.

Honours and Awards

  • 2008: Honourable Mention received from the Brazilian Architects Institute in Rio de Janeiro (IAB-RJ), for the research project on Brazilian Modern Houses, carried out at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (w/ B. Oliveira), Brazil.
  • 2002: Honourable Mention received at the 24th UFRJ Scientific Initiation Program for the research developed on Brazilian Architect A. E. Reidy, Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • 2002: Design Project of the chair "Blanc et Rouge" selected to participate in the 4th Design School's Award, Liceo de Artes e Oficios da Bahia, Brazil.